Let’s start with Movimiento, Movimiento is Spanish and means movement. As in English, it stands for the movement that can be performed and a movement of like-minded people.
Cimarron generally refers to an escaped pet that has fled into the wilderness. This term was also used for slaves who had run away to live freely in the wilderness.
MOVIMIENTO CIMARRON or short MOCI stands for this unique expression of freedom.
Which we can achieve when we are consciously able to move freely, complex and divers with our own body & mind. A freedom that takes away many fears and thus makes us aware of our potential.


We are a group of people who pursue the goal of developing their members through physical and mental practice and supporting themselves and the community in their development.

What are you doing?

In our “Sessions” we work on various elements of our physical and mental practice with the aim of a holistic development in this extensive area.
We use concepts from areas such as strength and condition training, gymnastics, martial arts, dance, meditation, visualization, concentration, imagination, memory, attention, reflection, contemplation…

Who is the person behind MOVIMIENTO CIMARRON?

My name is Freddy Mejia Duran and I have been a student of Joseph Bartz since 2017. Joseph helped me a lot in developing my own practice. His ideas, concepts and methods are one of the greatest influences of our sessions.

Before working with Joseph Bartz, I first came in contact with Ido Portal and his concept of holistic movement practice and movement culture in 2015, which accompanies me since.
Before this paradigm shift, I was already drawn to different disciplines like Basketball, Surfing, Kettlebell-Training, CrossFit, Capoeira, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which I enjoy to this day but with a new and larger perspective.

Who can join?

Everyone can join in! No one is excluded from our sessions due to lack of experience, age, background, injuries, etc.

The group is aimed at people who regularly want to learn with us. We are interested in supporting our members in their development in the long term.

Our sessions are suitable for every level and are semi-private which means:
Each participant receives individualized guidance and a process which serves his or her needs, skills and experience for specific tasks during the session.

One session is 2 hours long and are held in different Places in and around Oldenburg.

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